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As a guest of the River Ranche your adventure is our pleasure, whether you join us for an excursion or simply want to get away. We offer the following activities. However, if you have something specific in mind for your event or vacation please ask and we will try and accommodate.

Cultural Tour

If you are looking for a cultural adventure, River Ranche provides guests with a unique opportunity to stay at our Blackfoot teepee camp where you may interact with First Nation’s elders, and tour the Siksika Reserve and surrounding area. Our elders will share Blackfoot history and culture around the campfire and show you the wagon trails and buffalo wallows of the past while enjoying the natural surroundings of the present.


As a guest of the River Ranche you are welcome at the Siksika’s  interpretive centre. Blackfoot Crossing is a historic site of Canadian and International significance. The interpretive centre exposes the general public to traditions and historical sites that are sacred to the Blackfoot people. The museum interprets them through exciting, authentic and interactive exhibits, demonstrations and programming.


River Ranche guides are familiar with Blackfoot historical and cultural sites off the reserve and can take you for a visit. Listen to the stories of the ancient medicine wheels, imagine the spectacle of the buffalo jump, and walk through the remnants of the tee pee rings. Ride horses across the plains.


The afternoon will culminate at the lodge or the tee pee camp with dinner and fire, complete with storytelling.

Cultural tourism visits can be tailored to your interests.

Fly Fishing

Learn more at our fly fishing website by clicking here or visiting


This five hour tour starts right after breakfast at the Lodge. You and your guide will be transported to your put-in point either above the Lodge or at the Lodge, your choice. Enjoy a leisurely paddle down the Bow and enjoy the solitude surrounded by the pristine river valley.

More than likely you will have worked up an appetite, so let the guide take you to one of the favorite lunch spots. After a delicious lunch, hop back into your kayak and paddle to the pick-up point and return to the Lodge for dinner and socializing.

kayak2 kayak1


Take a leisurely boat trip down the Bow River or walk the banks and bluffs with binoculars and spotting scope in hand. With our guide, see Bald Eagles soar, shorebirds feed, and warblers dart through the bush. Birding along the Bow River offers a unique and secluded look at nature. Species counts in excess of twenty are not unusual.

Bald eagle sitting on a postb1Grey and Orange bird on top of plantHawk with wings spread out and talons out swooping in the air.

Corporate Retreats, Family Reunions, or Scrap booking

River Ranche is a beautiful destination just one hour drive from Calgary.

Surrounded by pristine nature and rich with history, you will find time to ponder, unwind, and recharge.

Whether for business, family, or clubs, River Ranche is an ideal venue to just relax or conduct business. We are equipped with high speed internet access, wi fi, AV equipment, and telephone. The property offers space for informal gatherings, a spacious dining room, a large outdoor deck, a hot tub, and a fire pit.

Whether you are coming from down the road or elsewhere, we are an ideal destination for your retreat.

cr1A family bundled upd in coats outside.A colorful scrapbook

 Cross Country Skiing

Enjoy a cross country skiing visit at the Ranche. We maintain a 10 km loop with a cutoff that allows for a 5 km trail. Our trail starts on the prairie then slopes down to the Bow River and back up through the prairie. Due to the intermittent nature of the snowfall we will advise you when the skiing is good by Facebook. Sign onto our link and come enjoy the trail when we do a skiing posting.




Your Adventure Is Our Pleasure

River Ranche activities such as cultural tours, fly fishing, kayaking, and birding are guided. We have well-respected guides on staff to accommodate groups from two to eight.

As a guest of the River Ranche, whether you join us for an excursion or simply want to get away, your adventure is our pleasure. If you have something specific in mind for your event or vacation, please inform us and we will tailor the visit to fit your needs.